About New Meaning

Since 2006 New Meaning has been working to help people build strengths and find meaning. Beginning as a not-for-profit business and project management consultancy it has gone on to establish three separate sister companies; New Meaning Training, New Meaning Construction and New Meaning Foundation (a registered charity). They have a unifying purpose of helping people to construct a better life for themselves. Together they are building strengths, building lives and building futures.


New Meaning Training is an alternative education provision helping young people to find their strengths and develop the confidence and skills to earn their own living. Around 250 young people will join one of three programmes this year, many having been referred by secondary schools, pupil referral units and Special Education Needs settings. It currently offers three learning programmes; Construction Skills, Work & Study programme and the ACHIEVE Life-skills programme, all of which incorporate functional skills qualifications (Maths and English). Since New Meaning Training opened its first centre in High Wycombe in 2015, the organisation is now supporting young people across Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Warwickshire, West Midlands, Berkshire and Cambridgeshire.


The construction business emerged out of social enterprise business appraisal projects with registered social landlords. Now it has evolved into an active counter-part to New Meaning Training’s Construction Skills Programme, providing live project work experience and employment opportunities to graduates. New Meaning Construction is a licensed Beattie Passiv house builder, working with both social landlords and private individual self-build project managers. It also uses its off-site fabrication factory to build luxury bespoke garden studios called “Mojo Space”.


New Meaning Foundation is an ethical construction charity based in Cambridge. It champions practical and sustainable building projects and provides training and employment for people experiencing hardships. Through work on the charity’s live building projects, people it works with, who often feel like life hasn’t dealt them a good hand, begin to develop a sense of meaning and purpose. The charity builds sustainable houses for low-income communities, it builds “Space Micro-homes” to house homeless people and it makes “Mojo Space” bespoke garden studios (sold to the public as a fundraising enterprise). New Meaning Foundation delivers meaningful change for the individuals and communities it works with.

Our Founders



New Meaning Co-founder, Joint CEO NMT and NMC, NMF Board Member

In 1994 David’s mother died at the age of 51. The experience of this significant and sad life event started him on a path that eventually led to the development of what became New Meaning. David found himself looking for ways to make sense of his mum’s death and it was during his grief that he read Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor Frankl

This preeminent psychologist and holocaust survivor’s work moved David deeply, leading him to his own degree in Psychology. In 2000 he started a management consultancy business that focused on people, behaviour and process change management. In 2006 he teamed up with John Evans and they started to create what are now known as New Meaning Training, New Meaning Construction and New Meaning Foundation.

David devotes a larger proportion of his  time to New Meaning Training and New Meaning Construction but also plays a key role at New Meaning Foundation as a founding trustee.

John Evans.jpg


New Meaning Co-Founder, Joint CEO of NMT and NMC, CEO of NMF


If you’ve read David’s biography you’ll know that 1994 was a significant year for John to meet David. John was a Technical Development and Regulatory Affairs Leader in the Plant Biotechnology business sector while David was working in Global Banking in the City of London. Their first project together was while David was the General Manager for the UK division of Sysdoc, a NZ Business Consultancy.  John was Sysdoc's Transformation Consultant, advising the GM and Senior Leadership Team at Chevron Texaco during their global merger.  Despite being completely different in personality type, David and John enjoyed a great friendship, working together and studying psychology, together developing action learning materials enabling pro-active self-directed behaviour and attitude change adults, children at risk of becoming NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training), poor performers and eventually ex-offenders and deprived communities.


John spends the majority of his time focusing on New Meaning Foundation and Mojo Foundation, a Gambian charity borne out of New Meaning, with just the same emphasis as the rest of New Meaning, building strengths, building futures, building lives.