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About New Meaning East

New Meaning East is operated by the Charity arm of the group, New Meaning Foundation with a mission to champion ethical, practical, and sustainable building projects.

New Meaning Foundation is based from Cambridge providing training and employment for people experiencing hardship. Through the work on the charity’s live building projects, the people it works with, who often feel like life hasn’t dealt them a good hand, can develop very practical skills as well as a new sense of meaning and purpose. The charity builds sustainable houses for low-income communities, it builds Space© Micro-homes to house people who don’t have a roof over their heads, and it designs and builds bespoke Mojo Space© garden studios (sold to the public under primary purpose charity trading rules).  New Meaning Foundation delivers meaningful change for individuals and communities.

While New Meaning Training is dedicated to serving young people, New Meaning Foundation has a different remit.  We work with young and older people (over 19 years) who are trying to find their way into the world of work. New Meaning East works with a range of referral partners including The Centre School Cottenham, CAMHS, Phoenix Trust, CRC and the County NEET, YoS and transition teams.  Construction Skills programmes are delivered in a live construction factory and partly in our dedicated learning suite (Repurposed containers that used to be part of the 2012 Olympic village!).  Work and Study Programmes are delivered peripatetically - so in other words, we go to the student and in most cases that's at the work placement we helped to set up.

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East Area Manager

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